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Fishing Information

Fishing on Westlake Lake

Fishing is a favorite pastime for young and old here on the lake. Our waters contain Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Bluegill Sunfish, and a minnow-sized critter known as a Silverside. Largemouth Bass (Micropterus Salmoides) is the dominant fish in our lake and one of the nation’s most prized game fish. We take special care to protect our wonderful fishery by limiting fishing to barbless hooks, artificial bait only and a strict catch and release policy. Fish caught in their bony mouth area and quickly released back to the water suffer no ill effects from the experience.

On the third Saturday of May we hold our annual bass tournament for lake residents and their guests. There is no prize money involved but to place in the top three and take home a trophy is a proud achievement for our fishermen. This year Alan Ching was the grand Champion with Dave Midura finishing second and John Labib landing in third place. Drew Donan scored a trophy by catching the biggest fish, a tournament record tying lunker that was just short of two feet long.

All proceeds from the tournament go to our “Kids’ Day At The Docks” event which is held on the third Saturday of August. This is a fun morning of fishing from shore near the boat ramp for boys and girls under 15 years old. No experience is necessary and the event is free. All kids must register at the WLMA Office one week prior to the event. Loaner tackle is available and patient volunteers are always welcome.

Westlake Lake is private and fishing is open to only those who display a current WLMA fishing badge.

Fishing FAQ
  • Do I have to have a license for guests who visit?

    Yes. You may purchase a 7 consectutive day guest badge or an annual guest badge. AN owner must be with the guest at all times while fishing.
  • Do I need a fishing permit badge to fish from my dock?

    Yes. All fishing requires a license.
  • How long is my fishing permit badge good for?

    Permit badges are valid for the calendar year. Your permit badge expires on Dec. 31st regardless of when it was purchased.
  • Can I fish any time I want if I have a fishing permit badge?

    Fishing is permitted 365 days a year from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.
  • What happens if I forget to carry my fishing permit badge?

    The first offense will receive a friendly warning. The second offense will result in the recording of your name and a request that you stop fishing until the permit badge is obtained. The third offense could result in a revocation of your fishing privileges on the lake. Should any party not comply with requests of the Lake Patrol the County Sheriff may be called in for assistance.
  • Do I need to display my fishing permit badge each time I fish?

    Yes. The Lake Patrol will be looking for your permit badge and may inspect your lures to make sure you are in compliance with the barbless hook rule. The Lake Patrol may also ask to see your I.D. to make certain you are the valid owner of the fishing permit badge. If you are not the valid owner the Lake Patrol will keep the permit badge. Your fishing permit badge should be clearly displayed when fishing. You are requested to cooperate with the Lake Patrol at all times.
  • Do I get a break on the fishing because I'm a senior?

    Yes. The reduced fee for seniors aged 65 and older is only $21.
  • What should I do if I accidentally damage a docked boat or catch my hook in the canvas cover of another boat?

    Notify the boat owner immediately. If this is not possible jot down the boat number and leave your name with the Lake Patrol office.
  • Can I use bait such as cut up frozen mackerel?

    No. Even dead bait is prohibited. Only artificial lures and flies may be used.
  • Do my kids need a fishing permit badge?

    Yes. Kids under 12 years of age are free but must still display a permit badge while fishing.
  • Why do I need a California fishing license if this is a private lake?

    By law the California State Dept. of Fish and Game regulates fishing on all bodies of water in the state, public and private. You must follow all state regulations or you may be subject to fines, even though our lake is private.
  • Do I have to buy all new barbless lures?

    No. You may pinch the barbs down on your lures & flies with a pair of needle nosed pliers.
  • Do I have to have a license for guests who visit?

    Yes. You may purchase a 7 consecutive day guest badge or an annual guest badge. An owner must be with the guest at all times while fishing.
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